Stuff I Like





One-liners and short saying often come to me from spirit.

Maybe they will inspire you to start a list of your own. 

My list continues to grow. 



  • The Higher the Vibe, the Fewer the Rules
  • High-Vibe Mission,  and indeed the Prime Directive, is to expand consciousness - Source, The Universe, God. All experiences, behaviours, and decisions  produce expansion. Therefore there is no possibility of getting  it wrong. Knowing this, I wonder if we all might chillax, play a little more, and float a little lighter. 
  • Redefine Aging: Many resist aging because they have been convinced that it is synonymous with diminished, unhealthy, declining, weakened, vulnerable. High-Vibe Truth: Aging is wisdom, clarity, calmness, patience, developed, mature, sovereign, confidence. Of course, it's up to you. You pick your truth...
  • There is Magic in the air. Can you Feel it?
  • To Open the Door, requires Trust and Courage.
  • The Principle is to Fully Actualize. The Details don't require focus. They will Unfold Organically.