Penny Coté, Ph.D.

Penny Coté is founder of Esoteric Services. This is her way of recognizing and supporting the expansion of humanity. The spiritual community calls this process, among other things, Spiritual Mastery. 

Choosing this journey is not for the faint of heart. It is neither quick nor easy. Indeed, it often involves sweat and tears, years and lifetimes to accomplish. While it is true that we are all Divine, it is also true that we live in a dense (low frequency) plane of existence. This is why her services are of such value. Penny walks the talk. She is available to facilitate this journey, to fill in the gaps, and to contribute to the collective wherever her awareness guides. 

Penny is a leader in her field and well suited for this adventure. She has a doctorate in Metaphysical Life Counselling, a Masters in Divinity, and a Bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a certified energy healer as well as holding numerous other life-enhancing credentials. Penny is a Lightworker and Old Soul. This is an esoteric and esteemed designation earned through countless incarnations and instills several spiritual skills and talents. 

Penny is also a published author and writer. Her works include:

  • Transformational Life Educational Resources Manual
  • Masterpiece ~ Creating Your Life as a Masterpiece
  • All-Is-One, Next Phase - The Emerging Mind
  • Clash of the Titans - Exploring the Connection Between Science and Spirit
  • Fashionista Memoirs - Contributing Author


The Team

By-the-way, if you see me and it looks as if I'm talking to myself, know that I am in a team meeting.