EnergyWear© ~ Energy Activated Apparel


This merchandise is our creation and therefore unique to N.E.C. Each piece is a powerful energy tool magnifying your connection to your higher self, as a complement to your life force energy (chi, ki, prana).

This power is focused to enhance healing, assist in personal transformation, and strengthen spiritual insight. 

Each item is activated energetically in the following ways: 

1. Word Consciousness: the natural energy that is inherent in language. We see this in the research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto and the results attained showing the effectiveness of positive language on water crystals.

Single word: the dynamic power and meaning of one word
Affirmation phrase: the action taken to reprogram limiting thoughts and beliefs. Affirmations speak directly to the body's cells, each of which is filled with Divine Consciousness.                              Numerology: the powerful message in numbers

2. Metaphysically Imbued: the energy conducted and the intention set by an Energy Master.

3. Innate Power: the power and potential we each carry in at birth. 


Happy Customer Commments:

* I love it (t-shirt). My heart chakra and upper heart are beating and feeling the energy. Northern BC

* They (t-shirts) fit beautifully. I would like to get a couple more. Southern Ontario

* I recently wore my new t-shirt to a regression therapy session and had the best experience to date. West Coast BC


Customize: You choose word, phrase, or number

Price: $29.85 each plus shipping and handling

Prices in Canadian dollars

Payment Methods: e-transfer, Paypal, Credit Card

Size and Colour Chart: Order Information.

Download and complete order formExample. 


1. Download and complete order form.

2. Email completed order form to - Subject: Order

3. Invoice will be emailed to you for payment.

4. Once payment is received your order will be processed.

5. Allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. 

Each purchase includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

... This is what we're talking about ...  

Our New Earth supports multidimensional energies and they are experienced dynamically. Try it for yourself and feel the difference. Wearing holds the energy in your space as well as maintaining intent and content significance at the forefront of your thoughts.  Subtle at first and then it grows. It can't be easily explained or understood in 3rd or 4th dimensional terms, because it’s a multidimensional phenomenon.