The question to ask isn't, "Can I be more?" The question to ask is, "Can I be Me?" The answer is, yes, of course. You would not have come here to this planet, at this time, otherwise. 

NEC Services:

Confidant extending love, and conveying the message that we are always loved and never alone.

Healer: Spiritual work generates a vibrational frequency that heals by its nature and simply being in the presence of a higher frequency encourages healing

At our core everyone is spiritual. We all have an innate ability to connect to our Higher Self. At the same time, we are all in the process of discovering the depth of this ability, revealing who we really are.  

New Earth philosophy is established by and based in self-love.  

As humans, we will not reach perfection in self-love. At the same time, our metaphysical aspect remembers the wonders of how this feels and is therefore drawn ever more to this pursuit. 




Fees are based on individual circumstances.