Welcome to the New Normal

Our presence and the work we do, represents a global energy vibration upgrade. This higher frequency is the New Normal (NN). Certainly, this is a metaphysical perspective. We will take the liberty of saying it is an evolutionary advancement. To define it further, we are cultivators of that which is beyond physics. Simply put, we are those who live combined linear and multidimensional lives conscious of energy, frequency, and vibration. 

NN represents high frequency new earth life. Business, all life, in this new environment is vast and abundant. The following lists a couple ways in which we are currently serving Gaia and Its inhabitants. 

Editing and Book Review Services

Onolith Editing Services is an English document editing, proofreading, and manuscript review service specializing in metaphysical and spiritual content. 

Unfolding is true for all of us. Life, its meaning, and how to live this meaning, continues to develop. Let's watch and see what happens next. 


Not Alone

I work with spirit so if it looks as if I'm talking to myself, know that I am in a staff meeting...

I want to acknowledge the priceless contribution of my spirit guides. I am not doing this all on my own. From a linear perspective, we are a team. From a multidimensional perspective, we are One. It is with their love and support that I am here. This abundant life is exponentially more possible because of Us.