Hello and Welcome. My name is Penny Coté and I am a New Earth Emissary.  If you are drawn to the concept of multidimensional consciousness, which is the idea of Oneness and Unification, you have come to the right place. 

Here we weave an adventure of mystery and magic. Its purpose is to awaken the sleeping god within. The human subconscious holds deep secrets and revealing these mysteries takes us on the adventure of our lives. This is an excellent voyage of promise and potential, of wisdom and wondrous possibilities. And truly, it is more than that.  For the truth of it can only unfold through your journey - your experience.

My work explores the fundament elements of this adventure, and the cornerstone of promise. What cannot be described is your influence. That is up to you. Allow me to bring your magic a little closer. 

Welcome to this great adventure.