The Familiar and the Esoteric

Hello and Welcome. If you find yourself here, it is by no accident, and we are happy you have come.

What do we mean by the new normal? Briefly, it is the process of living a combined linear and multidimensional life. As of December 21, 2012 an energy gateway opened (the veil became thinner) to allow humans access to higher dimensional frequencies in a way that was never possible before. The incremental result from a 2019 version of Now is that in ever increasing numbers humans are experiencing their truth from both a linear (3D) and a multidimensional (5D and higher) perspective.

It is really quite simple. The truth, reality, life is far less complex than we humans believe, much less complicated than we tend to make it. This was certainly true for me. Let me explain by using a metaphor.

To make the simple complicated, I would set my alarm for 4 a.m. every morning. It felt like my responsibility to contribute to the movement of the planets. I would sit in meditation with focused intention assisting the sun in its morning assent. There is nothing wrong in this; however, there is a much easier and more liberating approach.

I realized that I had discovered something I had known all along. This 4 a.m. routine was not necessary. With innate cosmic design, earth will orbit around the sun with or without my concentrated attention. The freedom I felt when I recognized that I could simply sit back and experience the sunrise, was overwhelming.  Yes, the astronomical details are complex, and that information is available for those who wish it. However, this knowledge is not necessary to experience the perfection of our sun’s assent.

Certainly, none of you would be so fooled. That said, the parallel of this in all aspects of our lives can be discovered. Of course, we all feel that our circumstances, whatever they are, are not so obvious. And there you have it. That is the discovery that must be unearthed to step into the New Normal. Is it simple, yes! Is it easy, perhaps not as much.

My New Normal

  • Passion: The pursuit of conscious awareness.
  • Mission: To live consciously.
  • Life: Unfolding

Onolith Editing Services

I have a natural talent for language and a practiced skill in writing. To that end, one of the ways that I manifest financial abundance is by editing, proofreading, and reviewing manuscripts. Because I work closely with spirit, I have an added advantage, which is passed on to my clients. This is a unique benefit when working with Onolith Editing

My Background

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The New Normal

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What a glorious time to be alive.