The Esoteric is Mystical, Profound, and Prophetic

Hello and welcome. If you find yourself here, it is by no accident, and we have been anticipating your arrival. That you have come suggests that you are ready. We say this because we are all at different places in our transformation. While many are new and becoming familiar with these esoteric energies, some have already completed their process and are now qualified to help others facilitate this transition. 

Webster’s Definition of Esoteric: designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone; limited to a small circle engaging in esoteric pursuits; of special, rare, or unusual interests

While the essence of this definition is true, humanity is experiencing dynamic change. In increasing numbers, people are looking to a new way of life, one that is different from anything they have done before. In doing so the esoteric becomes more approachable and therefore more broadly engaged. 

New Earth is inhabited by those who recognize that everything is energy. We have resolved that this energy has a frequency that determines reality and that it can be adjusted. Therefore, it follows that we have the power to create our lives. This understanding has only become available to humankind in recent history and is taking earth residents by storm.

Anchoring Transition is the phase in humanity's process of incorporating and balancing higher frequencies into their corporal reality. This transformation is from a 3D double helix linear focus to an upgraded twelve stranded multidimensional embodiment. 

Esoteric Services are energy-based and involve the process of increasing energy frequencies within your reality. The higher the vibration the more evolved is your presence. As you transition these frequencies, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual adaptation can be very challenging. We can help ease your transition. Think of us as your trusted mentor and guide with lifetimes of training and experience.

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