Welcome to New Earth


Some have incarnated at this time to act as emissaries for this new energy. We, at New Earth Connection (NEC), are one such agent. NEC specializes in information relevant to this period in earth history and what that signifies for each of us individually and for all of us collectively. 

Hello and Welcome. My name is Penny, our company is called New Earth Connection, and I, along with my spirit team, am its founders. 


New Earth at a Glance

What: Multidimensional Awareness

Why: Expansion of All-That-Is

Where: Right Here

When: Right Now

Who: Everyone

How: Love


 Brief audio from Penny   

 When I keep in mind that this incarnation is only a tiny aspect of who I am, that I can choose to have as many incarnations as I wish, that within each incarnation I create my reality with my thoughts and beliefs, and therefore I have the power to change this reality, then I easily recognize that there is no cause for worry.

Welcome to the magic of this New Earth.